New Member Info

New Member Info

For New Members

What can you do for the League? What can the League do for you?

What Does the League Actually Do and How Does It Do It?

The League focuses on two areas: Voter Service and Citizen Education and Advocacy and Lobbying. Because we scrupulously maintain our non-partisan status, we keep these two areas separate, and often a member will choose to focus on one or the other.

The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes political parties or candidates for public office. This is the backbone of our non-partisan policy.

Although we are non-partisan, however, we are still a political organization. Our members study and discuss important public policy issues. If we come to a consensus on a issue amongst ourselves, we can then publicly advocate on that position. Our positions are created by our members--they are never imposed from above.

As a Member, What Is My Time Commitment?

The League welcomes your participation at whatever level your time and interests permit.
  • Dues Alone. Some members support League activities with their dues alone.
  • Attendance. Out League has monthly meetings. You are invited to attend any or all meetings that interest you.
  • Participation on a Project Basis. For example, voter registration, candidates' forum, participating in an issues study, presenting non-partisan information on ballot measures to live audiences, attendance at City Council meetings to observe and participate.
  • Leadership.The League always seeks people to help guide our League into the future. Could this be you?

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