LWVDE Launches School Board Mock Election Race on VOTE411

LWVDE Launches School Board Mock Election Race on VOTE411

VOTE411 Mock School Board Election

The League of Women Voters of Delaware VOTE411 team has launched the first ever Pea Patch Island school board election! In this mock election, fictitious characters will campaign for school board, and voters will learn more about elections, how to use VOTE411, and how to use their critical thinking skills when assessing candidates’ responses.

Visit go.lwvncc.org/votepeapatch to play along, and share with the new/upcoming voters in your life!

During the course of the mock election, "campaign managers" will promote their candidates, speak on their behalf at an online candidate forum, and prepare to make a victory speech if their movie-hero candidate should win. The election runs through Monday, July 20, 2020, and a virtual election results watch party with interactive games is planned for the last hour when those final votes are rolling in, from 7 to 8 pm on July 20.

Suggested age range for this activity is middle school and up. Parents in particular are encouraged to work through the exercise with their middle and high schoolers as a fun introduction to informed voting and civic engagement.

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