GREAT DECISIONS - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

GREAT DECISIONS - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Great Decisions 2020


Zoom web conference
Monday, August 17, 2020 - 1:00pm

Regular third-Monday meeting of the LWVNCC Great Decisions discussion group. On Monday, August 17th at 1:00 pm via Zoom web conference, Judy Taggart will lead discussion on the “Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking” topic.

LWVNCC Great Decisions foreign policy discussions are open to the public. Newcomers, if you would like to attend, please contact Brenda Toomey for the Zoom connection link.

All participants should watch the Foreign Policy Association video beforehand: Unchained: the Scourge of Human Trafficking.

This group normally meets at the Newark Free Library eight months out of the year, but is using the virtual meeting format in 2020 due to coroanavirus concerns. The eight Great Decisions Topics chosen by the Foreign Policy Association for 2020 are as follows:

    • Climate Change and the Global Order
    • India and Pakistan
    • Red Sea Security
    • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
    • U.S. Relations with the Northern Triangle
    • China's Road into Latin America
    • The Philippines and the U.S.
    • Artificial Intelligence and Data