LWVHA Gun Safety Workgroup - July

LWVHA Gun Safety Workgroup - July


To be determined
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020 (All day)


The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment

by Tom Hartmann 

The LWVHA Gun Safety Workgroup tentatively plans to discuss Hartmann's book in July. Holding an in-person meeting will depend on the Govenor's stay-at-home order ending and the development and implementation of a CDC approved antibody test. All League members are invited to read Hartmann's informative book, as well as to join the discussion. For information, contact Jean McFadden or Debra Williamson.

Date/location: To be determined (July)


If you don't have an opportunity to read the book, watch Tom: Tom Hartmann (YouTube)

Thom Hartmann examines the brutal role guns have played in American history. He shows how the NRA and conservative Supreme Court justices used specious logic to invent a virtually unlimited individual right to own guns, which has enabled the ever-growing number of shootings in the United States. Hartmann identifies powerful, commonsense solutions that would break the power of the gun lobby and restore the understanding of the Second Amendment that the Framers of the Constitution intended.  penguinrandomhouse.ca

All league members are invited to join us!

Contact Information
lwvholland [at] gmail.com